Best in Business LINDSAY BLAKELY

How to Write a Successful Best in Business Application

Do you have what it takes to make our annual list of companies that made the biggest impact in their fields and their communities? Here's how to get the attention of the editors judging this year's applications.

Best in Business LINDSAY BLAKELY

4 Reasons to Apply for Inc.'s Best in Business 2022 Awards

It's not only what you do in business that matters, but also how you do it. Now's your chance to tell your story – and prove that your company is the best in its business.

Best in Business ARTHUR WOODS

Why Many DEI Leaders Are Experiencing Burnout and How You Can Fix It

Here are some of the core challenges many diversity, equity, and inclusion leaders face, and specific ways you can support your colleagues and address the issues.


5 Black Founders Working To Make the Financial System More Equitable

Black Americans face barriers in the financial system, from buying a home to building credit. These entrepreneurs are trying to help.

Best in Business BILL MURPHY JR.

DoorDash Just Announced a New Company Policy, and Yes, You Should Definitely Copy It

It takes time, and it requires buy-in. But in the long run, it's likely to be worth it.


This Florida Company Repairs Homes--and Helps People Without Homes Rebuild Their Lives

As Solomon Williams has grown BW Property Management Group, he's also expanded a program to train and employ unhoused people--and helped them start over.


How This Chicago Startup Is Powering the Internet of Everything

Scooters. Cargo ships. Decoy sea turtle eggs. Thanks to its innovative SIM cards, Hologram can equip pretty much any device to connect reliably to the internet.

Best in Business DIANA RANSOM

How This Food-Ordering Platform Gave Restaurants a Lifeline During Covid

Covid shutdowns decimated Sharebite's customer base. So the startup leaned hard into doing right by its customers, people, and local community.

Best in Business GRAHAM WINFREY

Public School Teachers Can't Live Where They Teach. This Lapsed Banker Figured Out How to Build Them Affordable Housing

The man who wrote the book on helping public schools get the funding they need just changed the game in California with this innovative project that will house more than 100 teachers in apartments they can afford.

Best in Business BRIT MORSE

This Startup's Futuristic Idea to Fight Climate Change? Make Meat From Thin Air

Air Protein's scientists are leveraging decades old NASA technology to pull molecules out of the atmosphere and whip up a burger for you--the first carbon-negative protein source on the planet.

Best in Business KEVIN J. RYAN

A Health Insurance Plan You Won't Hate? That's This Company's Mission

Gravie spent years crunching the numbers and rewriting claims adjudication systems to create an affordable health care plan that covers 100 percent of common services--without the co-pays or deductibles.


One Company's Rx for the Ailing Health Care System: Affordable Generic Drugs Made in the U.S.

The family-run Nexus Pharmaceuticals opened a $250 million factory in Wisconsin to be able to control the costs and quality of the drugs they produce.

Best in Business GRAHAM WINFREY

How This Fintech Company Wants to Make the American Dream More Accessible to Immigrants

Co-founded by the son of Russian immigrants, Nova Credit meets a need that established global financial institutions really can't: helping immigrants establish credit profiles in the U.S.

Best in Business DIANA RANSOM

Moms Are a Huge Untapped Source of Talent. This Startup Can Connect You to Them

Started by a mother of soon-to-be-three children, the Mom Project has the potential to unlock enormous potential in the economy by upskilling working mothers and finding them flexible positions.


He Turned Around His Life After Prison and Homelessness. Now He's Using His Restaurant to Give Back

When Steven Murphy's business was on the verge of closing, the Nebraska community he's generously served stepped up to return the favor.


Google Teams Up With the 15 Percent Pledge to Support Black-Owned Businesses

The two-year partnership expects to give Black business owners access to training and increased visibility.


With Dr. Fauci's Seal of Approval, Halloween Is Poised to Become the Hottest Ticket in Town

The vote of confidence is giving Main Street something to cheer (finally).

Best in Business INC. STAFF

Holding Your Own Against Big Name CEOs? Apply to Inc.'s First Annual Best Led Companies

Inc.'s new awards franchise will recognize management excellence among companies -- both public and private -- with revenues between $50 million and $2 billion. In its first year, applications are free.