Conscious Leadership MARCEL SCHWANTES

6 Super Effective Ways to Show Your Emotional Intelligence at Work

When it comes to work effectiveness, emotional intelligence can matter as much, if not more, than IQ.

Conscious Leadership JASON ATEN

Tesla Has an Elon Musk Problem

Everything is a distraction.

Conscious Leadership JESSICA STILLMAN

Entrepreneurs Have a Toxic Positivity Problem. Tragic Optimism Could Be the Cure

Stop trying to constantly stay positive and instead look for meaning and growth amid the darkness, psychologists advise.

Conscious Leadership JASON ATEN

Amazon Is Quietly Testing a New Feature that Is Going to Be a Game-Changer for Small Businesses

The company introduced a badge to let you know you're buying from a small business.

Conscious Leadership JEFFREY COHN

The Best Leaders are Imperfect

Why they always seem to get the best jobs and biggest opportunities.


How To Un-Polarize Your Workplace By Creating Middle Ground

A polarized workplace is the antithesis of productivity. Deploy simple processes to encourage collaboration and celebrate diversity of thought.

Conscious Leadership CHARISSA CASSELS

CSR is Just an “Add-On” – A Cost of Doing Business

But when CSR is done correctly, it can be seen as a responsible business practice to support the communities where businesses exist.

Conscious Leadership PHILLIP KANE

It's Not About Gaining the Upper Hand

Work in partnership with your employees, not in opposition

Conscious Leadership REBECCA DECZYNSKI

The Hidden Link Between Facetime With the Boss and Unconscious Bias

The problem isn't your remote employees, it's their managers.

Conscious Leadership MARTIN ZWILLING

5 Communication Practices to Turn Listening Into Understanding and Results

Effective listening is a key communication element that many business leaders ignore.

Conscious Leadership MARCEL SCHWANTES

4 Known Business Practices That Will Make You Fit to Lead People

New research reveals timely insights into what employees really want.

Conscious Leadership JESSICA STILLMAN

These 7 Words from Jeff Bezos Are the Best Leadership Advice You're Likely to Read This Year

It's only January, but the Amazon founder already offered some of the best advice of the year.

Conscious Leadership JIM SCHLECKSER

A Simple Strategy for Keeping Your Team Focused

The power of "Kill 2--Add 1"

Conscious Leadership GEOFFREY JAMES

12 Timeless Ways to Be a Better Boss in 2022

A pandemic and a difficult economy creates the perfect time to get back to the basics.

Conscious Leadership PETER BREGMAN

How to Change Other People

In their new book, Leadership coaches Peter Bregman and Howie Jacobson, PhD describe their four-part formula for changing people's minds.

Conscious Leadership JASON ATEN

Disney's Former CEO Bob Iger Said His Legendary Success Came Down to this 1 Simple Principle Anyone Can Copy

Iger's legacy includes a string of successful acquisitions including Pixar, Marvel, and LucasFilm.

Conscious Leadership MATT CAIN

How Leaders Can Help Employees Thrive in the 2022 Workplace

For many leaders, the past two years have been a shock. Yet change is also an opportunity for excellent managers to grow and shine-- to reinforce how employees can create value.

Conscious Leadership JASON ATEN

Patagonia's 5-Word Explanation of Why It's Closing Its Stores and Giving Employees a Week Off Is the Best I've Seen Yet

The company's stores and offices will be closed from December 25 through January 2nd.

Conscious Leadership JEFF STEEN

Use This 'SAS' Rule to Quickly Defuse Conflict and End Arguments

Conflict appears in many forms, but we seldom are prepared to deal with it. Fortunately, this 3-step rule defuses tense situations and facilitates constructive resolution.

Conscious Leadership BILL MURPHY JR.

The CEO of Southwest Airlines Had 32 Controversial Words for Congress. This Critic Had a Smart Reply

'I want people to understand how that happened.'

Conscious Leadership FRAN VELASQUEZ

Great Leaders Embody These 4 Principles, According to Best Buy's Former CEO

Hubert Joly, who revived Best Buy when challenged by e-commerce giant Amazon, says you can make your employees happy while still delivering results.

Conscious Leadership JEFF HADEN

Want to Be More Influential, Persuasive, and Charismatic? Science Says First Take a Look at the Clock

New research shows how to leverage your circadian rhythm to increase your charisma and be more inspiring.

Conscious Leadership MARCEL SCHWANTES

The Zoom Ceiling: A New Barrier Holding Remote Workers Back (and What Leaders Can Do to Stop It)

Remote work has been a saving grace of the pandemic but it may have some hidden costs.

Conscious Leadership PETER COHAN

4 Ways To Build Trust Via Zoom and Slack

As the workplace becomes all-remote, it's critical to be able to bond over video. Here's how.

Conscious Leadership BILL MURPHY JR.

An Amazon Warehouse Worker Asked Jeff Bezos for Help With Her Pay. Here's How Amazon Responded

In case you ever need it, his email addres reportedly is:

Conscious Leadership MARCEL SCHWANTES

What Separates Successful Leaders From Others Really Comes Down to One Word

By changing the way we see people, we reveal opportunities for a powerful form of leadership.

Conscious Leadership MARCEL SCHWANTES

Warren Buffett Says What Separates Successful People From Everyone Else Really Comes Down to a Two-Letter Word

The oracle of Omaha drops what may be the best career advice you'll get today.

Conscious Leadership JUSTIN BARISO

Why Emotionally Intelligent People Embrace the Rule of "Clocking Out"

The rule of clocking out will help you set priorities, avoid burnout, and find more time in your day.

Conscious Leadership JESSICA STILLMAN

Still Feeling Terrible Despite the Pandemic Receding? That's Totally Normal, Psychologists Say

Struggling to snap out of your pandemic doldrums? You're neither weird nor alone.

Conscious Leadership JESSICA STILLMAN

3 Red Flags Your Company's Back-to-Office Plan Is Going to Lose You Good Employees

Make these mistakes and you're pretty much guaranteed to enrage your team.

Conscious Leadership CARMINE GALLO

Why You Should Add These Books by Dave Grohl and Matthew McConaughey to Your Winter Reading List

If there's one thing any leader can learn from these authors, it's to turn your calling into a career.

Conscious Leadership LARRY ROBERTSON

A Lesson In Leadership We Deeply Need: Remembering the Impact Of Colin Powell

Though Colin Powell has passed, his lessons of leadership remain and burn brightly

Conscious Leadership MINDA ZETLIN

To Be Successful in Work and Life, Follow the Identity Rule

It's the secret to self-motivation, according to bestselling author and executive coach Eric Partaker.

Conscious Leadership MARCEL SCHWANTES

Warren Buffett Says You Can Ruin Your Life in 5 Minutes by Making 1 Critical Mistake

The Oracle of Omaha offers valuable advice about challenging and stressful situations.

Conscious Leadership INC. STAFF

10 CEOs Share Their Stories About Hard Choices They've Made -- and How They Did It

Between fixing a toxic culture and taking on Google, here's how the top leaders make hard decisions look like no-brainers.

Conscious Leadership INC. STAFF

13 Best-Led Company CEOs Reveal Their Pro Tips for Leadership Success

Great companies are run by great leaders--so who better to solicit for leadership advice than the leaders of those teams? Behold their top tips, tricks, and strategies to make you a stronger mentor, visionary, and boss.

Conscious Leadership MINDA ZETLIN

Amazon CEO Andy Jassey Just Taught Every CEO a Powerful Leadership Lesson. Here's What You Can Learn From Him

Profits are down nearly 50 percent, but Jassey tells Wall Street: Sorry not sorry.

Conscious Leadership LARRY ROBERTSON

Uncertainty Means Opportunity - If You Use This Powerful, Simple Tool

Turning uncertainty into opportunity begins with a tool you already have (and likely don't use)

Conscious Leadership JESSICA STILLMAN

Recipients Overestimate the Urgency of After-Hours E-Mails and It's Really Stressing Them Out, New Study Finds

Fixing the problem is an easy win for bosses looking to battle burnout and retain talent.

Conscious Leadership MAYA HU-CHAN

The 4 Must-Have People for a Solid Support System

A support system can help you achieve your career goals. Here's how to build one.


How to Build Your Confidence as a Leader

You can't develop self-confidence overnight, but there are ways to cultivate it.

Conscious Leadership JEFF STEEN

Chobani's Program for Hiring Afghan Refugees Is Upending the Mission of American Businesses

With a long history focused on pleasing shareholders and raising profits, American businesses are now following Chobani's lead and prioritizing social responsibility. It's about time.

Conscious Leadership MARCEL SCHWANTES

During the Great Resignation, Employers Are Forgetting 1 Key Strategy to Keep Their People

A new study finds that despite improvements in productivity, employees feel more excluded at work than at any time since the pandemic began.

Conscious Leadership MARCEL SCHWANTES

5 Leadership Lessons to Help Business Owners Thrive

Tips from the legendary founder of Texas Roadhouse.

Conscious Leadership MARCEL SCHWANTES

5 Traits That Will Instantly Point to Someone With Bad Leadership Skills

Leadership is serious business and not having a handle on these could pose a serious risk

Conscious Leadership DAVID FINKEL

Why Doing Things the Same Way Over and Over Again Could Be Bad for Your Business

Most of what makes the biggest difference long-term comes from small conscious changes over time.

Conscious Leadership MARCEL SCHWANTES

5 Ways to Lead With Emotional Courage and Get the Best Out of People

True leadership requires courage -- a willingness to peel back the onion and own your uglier layers.

Conscious Leadership JEFF STEEN

5 Media Titles Leaders Should Be Reading Every Day

Leadership is not just about making hard decisions. It's about making well-informed hard decisions -- and that requires ongoing self-education.

Conscious Leadership LARRY ROBERTSON

Why Learning to Notice Better Will Help You Disrupt Your Industry

The simple habit of noticing is the difference between forward motion and being left behind.

Conscious Leadership JESSICA STILLMAN

Humility Is an Undersung Leadership Skill. Adam Grant Says These 2 Interview Questions Screen for It

How to figure out if someone is truly a humble team player in a job interview.

Conscious Leadership MANDY GILBERT

3 Management Lessons From Pop Culture's Most Iconic Bosses

While we may not always agree with their leadership skills, these famous bosses still have a few lessons they can teach us about our own.

Conscious Leadership PHILLIP KANE

Nurture Your Company's People. Don't Just Figure Out How to Do Without Them

The best leaders know the value of building up the team

Conscious Leadership MARCEL SCHWANTES

4 Lessons You Need to Learn Quickly to Unleash Innovation

As the world moves faster and becomes more connected, one leadership style is best for innovating.


3 Leadership Lessons From the NBA Playoffs

As we take in this playoff season, leaders across all industries can learn key lessons from how the NBA successfully navigated the bubble playoffs.

Conscious Leadership JEFF HADEN

Why Emotionally Intelligent People Embrace the BYAF Rule

Especially when they need a favor.

Conscious Leadership JASON ATEN

Jeff Bezos's Successor at Amazon Is Different From His Former Boss in 1 Very Important Way. It Will Be Crucial to His Success

As Andy Jassy takes the helm of one of the most important companies, his ability to have perspective could make all the difference.

Conscious Leadership JASON ATEN

Emotionally Intelligent Leaders Embrace These 3 Words

Being a strong leader means admitting when you're wrong.

Conscious Leadership DAVID FINKEL

SMART Goals for New Leaders

Grow your business faster with SMART goals.

Conscious Leadership MARCEL SCHWANTES

3 Unexpected Signs You're a More Successful Leader Than You Think

Start by being humble and seeking feedback.

Conscious Leadership JASON ATEN

Emotionally Intelligent Leaders Make Better Decisions Faster Using the '3 Question Rule'

Make the best decision with the information you have and move on.

Conscious Leadership HEIDI ZAK

How to Deal With the Constant Pressure as a CEO

Here are three ways to reduce stress and manage expectations.

Conscious Leadership JEFF HADEN

Elon Musk Notwithstanding, People With This Personality Trait Make Better Leaders

Believe it or not, humble leaders tend to produce better results.

Conscious Leadership JIM SCHLECKSER

Why Great Leaders Never Blame Environmental Factors for Their Problems

Placing blame on a non-controllable factor is not productive. Instead, strong leaders focus on things they can change.

Conscious Leadership ALLISON FASS

How I Hope to Honor the Memory of Our Wonderful Colleague and Friend, Stephanie Meyers

Steph led the social media strategy and growth for Inc. A true optimist, she always looked for silver linings.

Conscious Leadership TIM CRINO

Employees Called Her Company Culture Toxic, and Then Sales Dropped 90 Percent: A CEO's Turnaround Playbook

Listening to your employees has to be more than just lip service. Jen Rubio says she's ready to show up.

Conscious Leadership CAMERON ALBERT-DEITCH

How Atlanta's Small Businesses Are Responding to Georgia's New Voting Law

In lieu of financial heft or political influence, these companies are on a mission to protect civic engagement.