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The African AI Mayor

Would you vote for them?

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Future-Ready Skills Key to Closing The Gap Amidst AI Advances in The Workplace

Technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and others transform industries at an unprecedented pace.

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How This Cybersecurity Technology Could Replace Passwords

Apple, Google and Microsoft are already using biometric data such as fingerprint and face scans instead of passwords.

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The Future of Data Security Starts with Business Accountability

The GDPR is the most expensive legislation in history, but it sets a good precedent.

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How to Protect Customer Data With Intelligent Automation

Artificial intelligence in the form of intelligent automation is challenging consumer trust and safety -- and businesses must respond.

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How to Use Machine Learning and Other Technology to Make the Most of Your Data

Amazon VP of machine learning Swami Sivasubramanian on how to make your data to work for you.

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Should Your Business Ask for Information About Gender, Race, and Ethnicity?

Data is a powerful tool in building an inclusive brand. However, don't let the process of capturing it push the customers you want to serve away.


Third-Party Cookies Are on Their Way Out. How to Prepare for What's Next

Get ready for 'zero-party data' and 'thumb-stopping' experiences.