Productivity JUSTIN BARISO

Emotionally Intelligent People Use a Surprising 3-Word Phrase Based on Neuroscience to Take Action and Not Give Up

It's more than a phrase: It's an emotionally intelligent tool that leverages the neuroscience of motivation.

Productivity JEFF HADEN

Hate Meetings? Considerable Research Reveals the Loophole That Makes Every Meeting Worthwhile

Want to help your team be more creative and focused and physically and mentally healthier? When you need to meet, take a walk.

Productivity ERIK KOREM

A Simple Strategy for Stress Inoculation

Neuroscience says you can't biohack resilience. Do this instead.


Steal This Apple Executive's Monday Ramp Up Ritual to Set Your Week Up for Success

What beats 'bare minimum Mondays'? This enjoyable on-ramp to a focused and impactful week from a veteran tech leader.

Productivity MINDA ZETLIN

Want Better Sleep? A Harvard Psychiatrist Says Changing This Will Help You Sleep Longer and Better

Multiple studies reveal a surprising connection between what you eat and how well you sleep.

Productivity NICK HOBSON

How My 2-Year-Old Schooled Me – a Doctor of Psychology – in Emotional Intelligence

Witnessing a moment of empathy that taught me a lot about running a company.

Productivity JEFF HADEN

An Effortless Way to Boost Your Productivity, Focus and Creativity In Just 10 Minutes (With One Small Catch)

Want to get more done? Take more breaks – as long as they're the right kind of breaks.


Why OpenAI CEO Sam Altman Swears by Old-Fashioned Paper To-Do Lists – and Why You Should Too

If it works for the head of one of America's hottest and most cutting-edge tech companies, maybe the good old-fashioned to-do list will work for you too.


This 20-Minute Fix Gets Your Braining Working Again After a Bad Night's Sleep

No, it's neither caffeine nor a nap. New research suggests another way to kickstart your sleep-deprived brain.

Productivity NICK HOBSON

Making Bad Choices? Blame Your Brain's Dopamine, Says New Stanford Research on 'Sunk Costs'

A biological and neurological basis to why we make such irrational decisions


If You Make This Behavior a Practice, Your Leadership Skills Are Probably Better Than Most People's

It's not a trait that every business leader naturally possesses, but it could be a game changer.

Productivity TIM ELMORE

Don't Let Mediocrity Sabotage Your Team

Two steps effective leaders take to prevent 'average' from being normalized.

Productivity MINDA ZETLIN

People Who Are Good at Conversation Always Use These 3 Words, Says Stanford Communication Expert

Do you give support responses or shift responses?


This Is What Good Sleepers Think About While Falling Asleep (and How Bad Sleepers Can Steal Their Magic)

Change what you think about in bed, and you can transform yourself into one of those people who fall asleep instantly.


Use the Semester Trick to Achieve Your Biggest, Scariest Goals (Even If You're Long Out of School)

It's not just students who can use a semester-based schedule to make big goals more achievable.


3 Daily Rituals That Will Get You Laser Focused and Super Productive

Experts share their best productivity tips for busy people.


How to Add More Margin in Your Day

Creating a buffer around calendar meetings can help you become more productive.

Productivity NICK HOBSON

New Stanford Research Reveals Innovative Flash Therapy to Trick the Brain's Circadian Rhythm and Combat Jet Lag

Here's how to fight fatigue to stay healthy and productive.

Productivity NICK HOBSON

The 4-Word Mantra of the Highly Emotionally Intelligent

You can do hard things. You should do hard things if you'd like to grow.


Want to Double the Chance of Getting a Response to Your Email? Make It Shorter

Research from a pair of Harvard professors shows people are dramatically more likely to respond to shorter emails.


Why YouTube, Disney, and Canva Swear By the 10 Percent Planning Rule for Explosive Growth

Business planning is important, but investing too much or too little time into it can be costly.

Productivity NICK HOBSON

Emotionally Intelligent People Do This 1 Thing With Their Anxiety to Perform at Their Best

No pain, no gain. Neuroscience teaches us that negative emotions can do us good.

Productivity KELLY MAIN

Researchers Staged a Virtual Heist and Discovered What Steals – and Shapes – Memory

Improve your company's performance by understanding the mind.


Tired of Things Not Working Your Way? Get Rid of This Thinking Pattern

Studies have found that this type of mindset leads to being risk-averse, which can inhibit productivity and creativity.

Productivity NICK HOBSON

Meta-Analysis Study Shows That Loneliness Is Literally Killing People. CEOs Should Pay Attention

Loneliness and social isolation are on the rise, and it's proving to be lethal.


Want to Stop Negative Thinking and Become More Positive? Science Suggests These 5 Mind Hacks

Certain mind hacks supported by science can significantly improve how you live, work, and think.

Productivity MINDA ZETLIN

Use an Ideal Week Plan to Make Your Actual Week More Productive, Says a Time Management Coach

It can save you from decision fatigue and help you focus on what's most important.

Productivity JUSTIN BARISO

Emotionally Intelligent People Use a Brilliant 3-Word Phrase to Ignore Hurtful Comments and Move On

When someone says something insensitive, use this simple three-word phrase to stay productive and move on.

Productivity MINDA ZETLIN

Behavior Science Explains Why the Japanese Practice of Kaizen, or Continuous Improvement, Accelerates Your Success

All you need to do is make things 1 percent better.


New Study Confirms It: If You Work Out Today, You'll Perform Better at Work Tomorrow

You know exercise is good for you long-term, but do you know how much working out today will improve your performance at work tomorrow?

Productivity JUSTIN BARISO

Kevin O'Leary Describes Success in 6 Words. It's Among the Best Definitions I've Ever Heard

What is success? The 'Shark Tank' star says it's not about money. It's about time.

Productivity RASHELLE ISIP

Here's How to Use a Work Notebook to Improve Your Productivity

Get things done by going back to basics.


Use the Hemingway Trick to Supercharge Your Morning Productivity

88 years ago, the celebrated author explained how to take the struggle out of getting started on difficult tasks.


Stop Working So Hard! Do This Instead

Free yourself from a mental model that is holding you back.


Want to Slow Brain Aging? Take More Naps, a New Study Suggests

Add this latest research to the long list of studies showing the impressive benefits of napping.

Productivity JUSTIN BARISO

Emotionally Intelligent People Use a Simple 2-Word Phrase to Get Moving, Take Action, and Live With Fewer Regrets

Once you know the science, these two words take on entirely new meaning.

Productivity MINDA ZETLIN

How to Use the 43:57 Rule to Have Better Conversations and Accelerate Your Success

When you encourage someone to speak, you are giving them a gift.

Productivity MINDA ZETLIN

4 Breathing Exercises Scientifically Proven to Calm Anxiety, Fight Stress and Help You Focus

60 seconds is all you'll need.

Productivity MINDA ZETLIN

How to Use Music as a Powerful Tool to Help You Focus, According to a Harvard Neuroscientist

Your favorite tunes just might be the perfect way to boost your productivity.

Productivity RASHELLE ISIP

How to Incorporate Relaxation Into Your Busy Workday

Prioritize relaxation so you can do your best work. Here's how to take a calm and collected approach towards your daily routine.


A 3-Step Plan to Craft a Boredom-Proof Summer Schedule for Your Kids

Need to keep your kids occupied this summer so you can get stuff done? A Stanford lecturer and author has a detailed plan.

Productivity JUSTIN BARISO

Twitter's New CEO Sent a Curious Email About How She Plans to Change the Company. It All Comes Down to 2 Words

New Twitter CEO Linda Yaccarino cited a philosophy adored by Elon Musk. How can it help you and your business?

Productivity MINDA ZETLIN

Here's a Foolproof Way to Start a Conversation, According to a Communications Professor

Step 1: Ask an open-ended question.

Productivity MINDA ZETLIN

A Neuroscientist Experimented on Her Students and Found a Powerful Way to Improve Brain Function

"It will buy you time," says NYU professor Wendy Suzuki.


The Science of How to Take the Perfect Work Break

A review of more than 80 studies reveals small tweaks that can help you get the maximum benefit out of your breaks.

Productivity JUSTIN BARISO

Emotionally Intelligent People Use 2 Simple Rules to Stop Negative Thinking and Move Forward

Are you trapped in a cycle of negative thinking? Here's how to break out of it.

Productivity KELLY MAIN

Want to Feel More Relaxed? Use the Netflix Trick to Recharge

Evidence shows that this is the right way to unwind.

Productivity JUSTIN BARISO

Emotionally Intelligent People Use This Brilliant 5-Word Phrase to Say No With Confidence (and Stop Talking)

Reduce stress and anxiety – in yourself and others – by learning how to say no without over-explaining.


10 Common Reasons for Failing to Finish What You Started at Work

Your leadership and productivity image will be destroyed by failing to finish work you start.


6 Powerful Ways Leaders Can Reduce Turnover and Increase Team Productivity

When people at work don't feel they matter, bad things happen.

Productivity DAVID FINKEL

Stop Living Your Life 10 Minutes at a Time

Those small breaks between meetings don't count.

Productivity NICK HOBSON

69 Years Ago, President Eisenhower Came Up With the Best Matrix for Making Better Decisions

The 4 D's of how to prioritize your time effectively.


4 Simple Habits to Make You More Focused and Productive at Work

Goal-setting can increase task performance by up to 30 percent.

Productivity KELLY MAIN

Multiply Your Time and Supercharge Productivity With Warren Buffett's Brilliant 2-Word Strategy

The most productive people use it to save time – and make money.


This Time Management Expert Is Making the Case for a Bare-Minimum Daily Routine

Other fans of the relaxed, realistic daily routine? Albert Einstein and Jeff Bezos.


Researchers Finally Figured Out How Long It Really Takes to Form a New Habit

The often repeated figure of 21 days turns out to be a myth.

Productivity JASON ATEN

This Ridiculously Simple Productivity Hack Saves Me an Hour a Day. Anyone Can Do It

Your iPhone is making it easier to pay less attention to your iPhone.

Productivity MINDA ZETLIN

Need to Break a Bad Habit? Start by Accepting This Truth, Say Neuroscience Experts

Scolding yourself won't help, but this will.

Productivity SEAN KIM

How to Unlock the Power of Your Mindset

Use these techniques to improve your business.

Productivity MINDA ZETLIN

Wharton Psychologist Adam Grant Wants You to Delete This 4-Word Sentence From All Your Emails

We're all apologizing for nothing, he says.


Why Living a Balanced Life Is a Myth

Greatness doesn't come from balance.


6 Ways to Grow the Seeds of Greatness Within You Into Your Full Potential

Do these things to prepare to grow.


How Do Top CEOs Get So Much Done? Their Executive Assistants Just Spilled Their Best-Kept Secrets

Executive assistants share the tricks they use to help their bosses maximize their productivity. Steal them.

Productivity JEFF HADEN

Want to Stop Procrastinating? A Stanford Neuroscientist Says Just Take a Cold Shower

The biology of procastination, and a simple (albeit not easy, which is the point) way to stop procrastinating and get started on the things you really want or need to do.

Productivity JASON ATEN

I've Been Trying The Sidekick Notepad for 30 Days and I'm Convinced It's the Best Productivity Tool I've Used Yet

The Sidekick Notepad is well-made and good at doing exactly what you need it to do.

Productivity SEAN KIM

The Secret to Having More Energy as an Entrepreneur

From physical strength to mental well-being, how you take care of your body impacts what you can accomplish in business.