3 Habits of Super Productive and Happy Workers

Habits and attitudes of professionals who love what they do.

Productivity MINDA ZETLIN

It Took Just 2 Words for Jane Fonda to Give the Best Advice About Making Friends You'll Hear This Year

Use it to improve both your business and your personal life.

Productivity JEFF HADEN

How Emotionally Intelligent People Use the 'Done List' to Feel More Productive, Fulfilled and Accomplished

A simple perspective shift that might just turn struggle into satisfaction.

Productivity STEPHEN KEY

21 Tips For Entrepreneurs to Survive Creative Highs and Lows

Turning ideas into products is an emotional and financial rollercoaster.

Productivity JUSTIN BARISO

What Is FOFO and How Do You Fight It? How Emotionally Intelligent People Deal With the Fear of Finding Out

The "fear of finding out" (FOFO) is dangerous. Learn how emotional intelligence can help you control your fear, so it doesn't control you.


10 Websites That Will Give You Superpowers

A fabulous Twitter thread highlights the best, most useful websites you've never heard of.


The Power of Putting Purpose Before Profit

Why purpose-driven companies outperform and the importance of meaning at work.


8 Ways to Cultivate a True Entrepreneurial Mindset

Success as an entrepreneur takes more than just a good business idea.

Productivity NICK HOBSON

Want to Change? 3 Surprisingly Simple Habit Hacks You Should Follow Today

It doesn't matter if you've faltered in improving yourself. It's easy to get back on track.


Shopify Is Going Nuclear on Meetings. Your Company Should Consider Doing the Same

Shopify is canceling all recurring meetings to see which ones are actually missed. Should you try something similar?


How Owning a Pet Helps Keep Your Brain Young, According to Research

Want to keep your brain sharp as you age? Get a pet, a new study suggests.

Productivity MINDA ZETLIN

365 Micro-Challenges and Daily Tips to Keep You Motivated and Inspired Every Day in 2023

It's a daily dose of inspiration to help you reach your biggest goals in the new year.

Productivity MINDA ZETLIN

4 Simple but Powerful Tools That Will Help You Keep Track of Everything You Want to Remember

They're free or cheap and they'll keep you amazingly organized.


How the 1-Minute Rule Can Make Your Life More Serene and Successful in 2023

Want a clearer mind and more focus? Then always follow this dead simple rule.

Productivity KELLY MAIN

Want More Time In Your Day? High Achievers Use the '2-Second Rule' to Save 2 Hours

The simple way to effortlessly save time.


The Secret to Getting Everything Done: Don't Rush!

How slowing down can improve productivity and help you grow your business faster.

Productivity RASHELLE ISIP

5 Things to Declutter to Prepare For a Productive 2023

Take time to remove these energy-draining items from your business.

Productivity KELLY MAIN

How to Fall Asleep Faster Using the Science-Backed 'K-9 Trick'

Follow these four strategies to get more rest and increase your productivity.

Productivity JUSTIN BARISO

Emotionally Intelligent People Aren't Afraid to "Get Emotional." Here's Why

Getting emotional can be a source of strength. Here's how to make emotions work for you.

Productivity JUSTIN BARISO

Emotionally Intelligent People Use 3 Simple Words to Beat Perfectionism and Work Faster (and Better)

Make your perfectionism work for you. Instead of against you.


4 Innovative Solutions to Keep Your Business Productive and Flexible

How leaders can strike the right balance between flexibility and productivity in 2023, according to a new study.

Productivity MINDA ZETLIN

This Everyday Activity Might Terrify Your Gen-Z Co-Workers. Here's What to Do Instead

You probably don't realize how scary you're being.

Productivity NICK HOBSON

The 4 Simple Habit Hacks of the Ultra-Rich

One simple truth: Good goal-setting is the death of a habit.

Productivity MINDA ZETLIN

Berkeley Researchers Just Discovered 3 Secrets to Waking Up Refreshed and Staying Alert All Day

Happy people are also more bright-eyed, it turns out.


Use the 'Letter Grade Rule' to Choose the Best Business Goals Every Quarter

A foolproof method to clarify what matters most in your business.

Productivity JASON ATEN

5 Tips From an Introvert to Take the Nightmare Out of Networking

These skills can help you overcome the misery and make networking a valuable part of building your business.

Productivity TOMMY MELLO

Elon Musk's Underrated Strategy for Learning Faster (It's Not Reading)

Elon Musk reads a crazy amount, but that isn't his #1 learning strategy.


The Good, the Bad and the Just Plain Weird of How Coffee Affects Your Psychology

Science confirms it: Your morning coffee boosts alertness. But it has lesser known (and lesser welcome) effects, too.

Productivity REBECCA HINDS

The Vacation Needs a Reset

The hidden costs of taking time off and how to make vacations less stressful for you and your employees.

Productivity KELLY MAIN

AngelList Founder Naval Ravikant Has a Happiness Hack That Helped Him Become a Billionaire

And no, it doesn't involve yoga, meditation, diet or exercise.


5 Morning Habits That Will Make You Super Productive All Day

If waking up at 4 a.m. isn't for you, there are other ways to set yourself up for a fast start.

Productivity JASON ATEN

Email Is Killing Your Productivity. How Superhuman's CEO Says You Can Save 3 Hours a Week

This $30 a month email app has strong opinions about how you've been managing your inbox.


Olympic Diver Tom Daley Says He Owes His Gold Medal to Knitting

Daley's poolside knitting was more than just adorable. Science shows hobbies kill stress and perfectionism and build resilience.


Working Around the Clock or Around-the-Clock Working?

These best practices combined with flexibility, to account for the inevitable crunch times you will experience, can set you up for success long term.


A New Study Finds a Third of Meetings Are Useless. Elon Musk Has the Solution

Companies are paying $25,000 a year per professional employee to have them sit in pointless meetings.

Productivity TOMMY MELLO

How Great Leaders Get More Done

Elon Musk works a lot. That's not why he's so efficient.

Productivity SEAN KIM

How to Remember 90 Percent of Everything You Learn

Learn faster and retain more with this method.


3 Ways to Write Stronger Sentences

Active and concise is the way to go.

Productivity RASHELLE ISIP

How to Evaluate a Productivity Tool for Your Business

There are hundreds of tools. Use these steps to find the right one.

Productivity TOMMY MELLO

Why Elon Musk's 80-Hour Work Week Isn't as Crazy as It Sounds

A 12-year Harvard study shows it's not that far outside the norm

Productivity JUSTIN BARISO

Intelligent People Use This Scientifically Proven Technique to Drastically Improve Their Memory

The mind palace is an ancient Greco-Roman technique that can help you improve your memory. Here's how to use it.

Productivity JEFF HADEN

The Wells Fargo Effect: How Targets and Incentives Can Foster the Wrong Outcome, Backed by Science

Or, in the words of a classic research study, the folly of rewarding 'A' while hoping for 'B.'


Open-Plan Offices Are the Worst Management Fad Ever. But They Can Provide 1 Very Clear Benefit: Natural Light

It's not much, but at least it's something.

Productivity PETER ECONOMY

Don't Have Time for 10,000 Hours Towards Mastery? Here's How to Succeed Anyway

What if the 10,000 hours Malcolm Gladwell says you need to learn something new could be shortened to a simple 20 hours?

Productivity GENE HAMMETT

Tech Isn't the Problem or Solution for Better Productivity. Instead, Look to Your Own Leadership

Technology has allowed us to be always connected and it's often viewed as the core issue. In the future of work, however, tech isn't the enemy.

Productivity PETER ECONOMY

17 Motivating Quotes About Reinventing Yourself

We all need change in our lives from time to time to shake things up and approach our work and careers with a refreshed enthusiasm.

Productivity PETER ECONOMY

17 Quotes That Will Make You Feel More Energized Right Now

When the morning espresso shot fails to energize you, use these quotes to put some spring back into your step.

Productivity DAMON BROWN

How Even Success Can Lead Straight to Burnout

Burnout is often associated with lofty goals or unfulfilling work. It also can come from success. Here's how to avoid burning out on your way to the top.

Productivity PETER ECONOMY

Need More Than 24 Hours in Your Day? Here Are 5 Powerful Ways to Make More Time

You can reclaim a lot of time in your work and personal life by saying no every once in a while.


The Number 1 Rule for How Much You Should Be Paid

Labor has no objective value, other than the amount of money that you'll accept to do it.

Productivity PETER ECONOMY

3 Powerful Mind Tricks to Finally Outsmart Your Mental Blocks and Achieve Your Greatest Goals

A mental block doesn't have to be immovable – with the right tricks, you can overcome anything in your path, even if it's your own mind.

Productivity PETER ECONOMY

17 Quotes That Will Compel You to Strengthen Your Commitments

Sticking to and strengthening a commitment isn't always easy. But it's always worth the effort.

Productivity DAMON BROWN

Not Sure If You Got Enough Sleep? Experts Say Ask These Two Simple Questions

We're remarkably bad at figuring out if we got enough sleep the previous night. Sleep scientist Matthew Walker says these two questions will reveal the truth.


Coffee May Not Increase Creativity, but It Does Do Something Potentially Even Better

The myth that coffee decreases creativity is based upon a misunderstanding of the creative process.

Productivity ALISON DAVIS

Wondering if the 4-Day Workweek Would Work for Your Organization? This Leader Shows How to Try It

A novel way to increase employee engagement and productivity.

Productivity MINDA ZETLIN

Yoga Improves Your Memory, Decision Making and Emotional Intelligence, a New Study Shows

Even practicing once a week has measurable benefits for your brain.

Productivity DAMON BROWN

The Healthy Reason You Should Skip Decaf Coffee

According to TED Speaker and sleep expert Matthew Walker, decaf coffee can be just as potent as regular coffee. Here's how it effects your health

Productivity JEFF HADEN

Think Elon Musk Drives Tesla Productivity? Nope: Research Shows Great Managers Make the Biggest Impact on Productivity, Revenue and Retention

And not just in the automotive industry, but in your business, too.


Remote Workers Are Wasting More Than an Hour a Day on Productivity Theater, New Report Finds

Digital presenteeism is sapping the productivity of remote workers, a new report finds and bosses are to blame.

Productivity JUSTIN BARISO

Emotionally Intelligent People Live by These 5 Simple Rules

Want to stop making the same mistakes over and over? Use these rules to control your thoughts and emotions.


The Problem With Black Business Month, and What Should Be Done Instead

Successful founders explain ways to support Black-owned businesses beyond the August event.

Productivity DAVID FINKEL

The One Conversation You Need To Have With Your Team to Increase Productivity

It's all about value.

Productivity NICK HOBSON

Google's 'Productivity Problem' Has Stumped Managers for 113 Years. Will Sundar Pichai Be the First to Solve It?

My bet? Probably not.

Productivity KELLY MAIN

10 Tips From a Nutritionist to Stay Sharp and Maintain Productivity--Without Cutting Out Alcohol

Easy-to-use tricks to feel good even after drinking.

Productivity MINDA ZETLIN

Here's Why a Cat Bed Is the Most Important Accessory on My Desk

A pet can lower your stress, encourage you to take a break, and even help you connect with colleagues.


How Smart Leaders Use the 'Now or Later' Rule to Solve The Worst Thing About Remote Work

Using the right communication methods at the right time makes all the difference.