Employees' Social Media Use: How Much Is Too Much?

And three other tricky workplace dilemmas.

Social Media BILL MURPHY JR.

Lionel Messi Just Broke the Instagram Record for 'Likes.' Mark Zuckerberg's Reaction Was Eye-Opening

It's all about Instagram and WhatsApp.

Social Media HILLEL FULD

4 Ways the Twitter Edit Button Can Change the Game for your Company

The long-demanded feature is almost here. Here's how to take advantage of it.

Social Media BILL MURPHY JR.

How Khaby Lame Went From Laid-Off Factory Worker to $10 Million Social Media Star, and Turned His Biggest Problem Into a Superpower'

People are so influenced by the judgment of others. They stop chasing dreams, just because somebody told them that they cannot make it or shouldn't do it.'

Social Media JASON ATEN

Facebook Is Testing a Controversial Groups Feature. Why You Should Never Use It

Resist the urge to tag "everyone".


Here's Why Everyone Should Stop Picking on the LinkedIn Crying CEO

Braden Wallake posted a selfie of himself in tears after laying people off. He got messages telling him to die.


Is Elon Musk On to Something? New Study Finds Frequent Tweeting Helps You Rise to the Top in Business

New research shows that for executives social media self-promotion pays, literally.

Social Media J.C. MCKISSEN

The Public Relations Strategy Every Entrepreneur Can Afford

A cheap, effective PR strategy for entrepreneurs starts with creativity and common decency.

Social Media JASON ATEN

Instagram Is Walking Back Its Controversial Changes. It's an Important Reminder that Failure Isn't Your Enemy

Adam Mosseri says Instagram needs to take a 'big step back.'

Social Media JASON ATEN

Adam Mosseri Just Addressed the Controversy Over Instagram's Recent Changes. He Missed the Most Important Point

"Make Instagram Instagram again."

Social Media JASON ATEN

The Simple Reason Jeff Bezos Is So Bad at Twitter and What Every Leader Can Learn from It

Attention isn't the same as influence.

Social Media HILLEL FULD

5 Reasons to Start Producing Industry-Specific Content as Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Start producing industry content now and watch everything else get easier.


Pinterest Just Made a Major Acquisition, With Tantalizing Prospects Ecommerce Opportunities

It's just the tip of what's in store for artificial intelligence-powered shopping.


2 Little Letters That Can Change Everything for Your Social Media Efforts

Social media not returning enough value? Think more like a leader and less like a marketer.

Social Media HILLEL FULD

6 Simple Tactics to Increase Engagement on Social Media Posts Across All Platforms

Grow your presence with these key steps.


Not Sure How Your Business Will Fit on TikTok? Start With These Trends

These are the top TikTok sounds, hashtags and filters that you and your brand can use to grow your audience.

Social Media HILLEL FULD

It's Time Entrepreneurs Start Talking about the T Word: TikTok

Here is why TikTok deserves your attention right now.

Social Media HILLEL FULD

Why Tech Companies, Even if They're B2B, Should Stop Ignoring Instagram

Here are 5 ways tech companies can benefit from Instagram.

Social Media HILLEL FULD

The First 5 Things you Should Do after Connecting with Someone on LinkedIn

How to bring your LinkedIn to the next level.


Social Media Marketing Is Costly and Far Less Effective Than It Once Was. Here's What to Do Instead

Bullish founders Michael Duda and Brent Vartan suggest alternative strategies that will attract more loyal customers.

Social Media JASON ATEN

What If Elon Musk Is the Best Thing that Could Happen to Twitter? It Has Nothing to Do With the Money

Every team needs a leader with a vision.


Why CEOs and Thought Leaders Should Post on LinkedIn

You're already a thought leader. All that's left is to get the word out.


How This TikTok Consultant Engineered a Viral Video to Help a Struggling Restaurant

Bouta founder Eli Stone thought he could get a struggling restaurant at least 10,000 views and some foot traffic. The video ended up getting 580,000 views. Here's how to emulate his success.

Social Media HILLEL FULD

5 Commonly Overlooked Ways to Use Twitter to Help Grow Your Business

Here are some unique ideas on how to leverage Twitter.

Social Media HILLEL FULD

5 Annoying and Ineffective Things to Stop Doing on LinkedIn

Stop doing these annoying things on LinkedIn if you want to be effective with the platform.

Social Media SHAMA HYDER

3 Ways Social Media Is Changing How We Do Business

Social platforms are evolving. Here's how to evolve with them.

Social Media HILLEL FULD

How to Build an Effective Twitter Account for Your Company

You shouldn't be on Twitter just to say you're on Twitter. Instead, do this.

Social Media HANNAH HALL

4 Tips for Building a Following--and a Robust Revenue Stream--on TikTok

The video platform's small business head offers some best practices creating content and turning it into sales.


A New Study Explains What It Takes To Stop Wasting So Much Time Online

Two business professors studied 6,000 people to understand what keeps us mindlessly clicking (and how to stop).

Social Media HILLEL FULD

How to Know Which Social Media Platform Is the Right One for Your Company

Before jumping into social media, ask yourself who you're targeting.

Social Media HILLEL FULD

5 Critical Things to Do Before Creating Social Media Accounts for Your Company

Don't jump into social media without following these important steps.

Social Media KELLY MAIN

Instagram Cuts Dependence on User Data-Without Cutting Into Its $26 Billion Ad Revenue

The social network is testing a way to turn a profit while reducing privacy concerns.

Social Media JASON ATEN

Apple Doesn't Want Anything to Do with Facebook's Metaverse. Why That's Very Bad News for Mark Zuckerberg

Apple is expected to introduce a pair of VR glasses this year, but don't expect them to be something you'll want to wear all day.

Social Media JASON ATEN

Instagram Is Finally Bringing Back the 1 Feature Everyone Wants and It's a Very Bad Sign

Not only will the photo-sharing app bring back the chronological feed, it plans to amp up the algorithm as well.


Give Your Brain a Break and Start 2022 Off With the No Twitter Challenge

Social media is often horrible and depressing. Take a break for and let your brain recover, one professor suggests.


The 7 Epic Brand Disasters of 2021

My annual round-up of the biggest blunders of the business world.


How to Leverage the TikTok Resume for Your Company

Find your new early-career employees here

Social Media JASON ATEN

The Head of Facebook's Metaverse Project Says Users Are to Blame for Its Misinformation Problem, Not Facebook

People are the problem, according to Andrew Bosworth, who is about to become CTO of Meta, Facebook's parent company.

Social Media BILL MURPHY JR.

Just 1 Day After Jack Dorsey Stepped Down, Twitter Announced a Controversial Change

'What does this even mean? You can't share a meme?'


Facebook Changing Its Name to Meta Is a Brilliant Business Move. But It's Also Bad News for the Future

It's more than a name change: Facebook's focus on the metaverse is a brilliant business move. But it could mean bad things to come.

Social Media NICK HOBSON

Social Media Antics and Twitter Stunts Work for Elon Musk. But Will it Work for You?

The billionaire's antics may be over-the-top, but there are still nuggets of leadership wisdom to be learned.

Social Media HILLEL FULD

6 Tips to Optimize Your Business Messaging

It's time we talked about business messaging etiquette.


Why Influencers Need The Metaverse

Tokenization is the new model for influencers


Pinterest TV: What It Is and Why It'll Be Your New Best (Live) Shopping Friend

This social-commerce trend shows no sign of slowing down, and it has the potential to be incredibly beneficial to brands.


Small Businesses Are Making Serious Sales on TikTok, Thanks to a New Feature

Integrations with Spotify and Square allow brands to sell directly in the platform. Business owners say they're converting viewers into customers.

Social Media JASON ATEN

Twitter Made a Small Change and It's a Very Bad Sign That It's Becoming More Like Facebook

It's getting harder to avoid the algorithm.

Social Media JEFF STEEN

Microsoft's CEO Has The Smartest Social Media Strategy I've Ever Seen. It's the Opposite of What Facebook Is Doing.

There's no sense trying to be ubiquitous. Satya Nadella is taking a smarter path by building niche communities around Microsoft products.

Social Media KELLY MAIN

With 1 Emoji, Elon Musk Gave Jeff Bezos Exactly What He Wanted--and What Every Founder Needs

In the battle between billionaires, Musk's response did a lot more than mock Bezos.

Social Media JOEL COMM

If Your Audience Has Peaked, Open New Doors With These 3 Tactics

You've spent time crafting your brand. It's time to get a bigger piece of the audience pie. Here are a few innovative ways to broaden your reach.


10 YouTube Channels That Will Make You Smarter

Swap out some Netflix time for these fun channels that feed your brain as they entertain.


This Tech Exec Had Her Kids Sign a User Agreement Before She Got Them Their First Phone

Should you do the same?

Social Media JASON ATEN

Mark Zuckerberg's Response to a Question From Congress Is Exactly Why People Don't Like Tech CEOs

The smart thing to do is to accept responsibility.

Social Media LOU DUBOIS

How to Write a Social Media Press Release

The success of a social media campaign is reliant upon the networks and users themselves. Here is how to craft a press release that incorporates social interactivity.


Yamaha's Response to the 'Carlos Ghosn Challenge' on Social Media Wasn't Funny – and That's What Made It Perfect

Some situations call for humor. Others, like this one, don't.