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Venture Capital In Africa

Moving from growth to profitability.

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Startup Funding Is Abysmal Right Now. But Taking Less Investment Can Make Your Business Leaner and More Cash Efficient

Less VC investment can be a blessing.


Deepak Chopra's Venture Incubator Backs Education Company Valued at $500 Million

The meditation icon's ChopraX plans to back companies in the health, longevity, fitness and education industries.

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Why Risky Behavior Is a Red Flag for Investors

Should a speeding ticket disqualify a founder from securing venture funding from Sequoia Capital?

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Can Venture Capital Become More Equitable for Women?

On International Women's Day, experts address the opportunities to level the playing field for women-led startups.


500 Global is Doubling Down In Africa

After investing in Chipper Cash, Stitch and SweepSouth, this global VC firm wants more.

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Your Fundraising Deck Is Killing Your Chances 4 Things You're Doing Wrong

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As WeWork's Adam Neumann Raises $350 Million, Female Founders Call Foul

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This VC Built the First Fund by a Woman of Color, for Women of Color. Here's Her Advice on Staying Authentic

Fearless Fund's co-founder Arian Simone explains how her VC funding company addresses inequalities.

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VC Funding Is Mostly Down in 2022. Here's What You Need to Know

Early-stage companies are still getting most of the deals.

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Chris Sacca Backed Her Fintech Before Other VCs Came Calling. Here's His Take on Building a Multibillion-Dollar Company

Tala founder Shivani Siroya talks with the Shark Tank start about scaling up a business without locking it down.

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How, When and Why to Approach a VC for Funding

There are times when venture capital may make sense for your business. Here's how to do it right

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Failure Isn't Half as Bad as Not Learning From It

Startups crash and burn for all kinds of reasons--although not the ones founders might think.

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How to Retrofit Your Enterprise With Social Principles? It's Surprisingly Simple and (Likely) Long Overdue

Every entrepreneur has an opportunity to make a major impact within their own organization. You just have to know where to look.

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Steve Wozniak Says to Focus on These 3 Things When You Pitch Your Startup to Investors

Here's what you need to do to impress the co-founder of Apple.

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Saying this Single Sentence to a Venture Capitalist Can Be a Deal-Breaker for Fundraising

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The Clash Over a Tax Break for Investors Is Intensifying. Business Owners Should Take Notice

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Don't Credit Sexting: How Snapchat Actually Took Off

Yes, we all know about the app's recreational uses. But its initial popularity came from a more practical place.