Overcoming the Language Barrier

A South African startup is bringing more people into the formal economy with a solution that enables them to communicate in their languages.

HealthTech Brings Wellness To Your Doorstep

Welo Health disrupts the status quo by making business, and personal well-being, more accessible than ever before.

Farming Without Soil is the Future

And why this is a positive thing for the continent with the most uncultivated land on the planet.

Taking Deliveries To The Next Level

Loop – a startup founded by a former chemical engineer – takes the hassle out of the home deliveries.

Mamela Luthuli and the Secrets of Her Success

Lean into learning and what you don’t know, says the female founder of Take Note IT.

Succeeding in Africa is a Long Game

You need the right attitude to build your business and attract the right funding.

Grindstone Accelerator Celebrates Graduates’ Gains

Useful, problem-solving technology wins in the structured programme, and sees companies increase annual revenues by 88%.

Active Ecosystems Enable Entrepreneurial Economies

Africa’s growth needs deeper, diversified ecosystems to accelerate collaboration and actively encourage startups.

It Takes an Ecosystem to Raise a Startup

Building a business from scratch is difficult, but an enabling environment makes it easier.

Business Success is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

And the process requires dedication and, often, a helping hand.

How Grindstone Accelerator Scales Entrepreneurs

Alumni have raised R2-billion in nine years, and Grindstone is now looking for its next cohort.

Graph-Based AI is Super-Charging Business

Technology enables a futuristic approach to data that helps businesses do things better, faster.

Financial Education is Crucial For Economic Growth

And how technology is allowing the process to begin earlier than ever before.

Scaling Startups is How You Grow Economies

And the way to do that is to build ecosystems to support and nurture entrepreneurship.

6 Expert Tips for Being More Productive at Work

The CEO of an artificial intelligence startup explains how to start your day and what to leave for later.


Power, agility and scalability with Intel Xeon CPUs

Offering multiple cores, high clock speeds and hyper-threading, these CPUs can form the heart of a feature-rich, extremely versatile digital data centre.


The simplest way to improve your processing requirements

When upgrading your PC or laptop, it is important to consider your processing needs, in order to get the perfect machine to match both your requirements and your budget.


Why Using References Should Be the New Gold Standard in Recruitment

How a Mauritius-based startup is killing the traditional CV and reengineering recruitment in Africa.

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