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Crafting Culture: A New Approach for Your Company

A thriving company culture is vital for recruitment, employee retention, and overall job satisfaction. Here's how to stand out.


Culture Fit or Culture Add

Which way to go?

Company Culture BILL MURPHY JR.

An American Airlines Pilot Heard That a Little Girl's 'Heart Was Broken.' His Solution Was a Stroke of Genius

Lesson learned: Hire people who look to create joy in the world.


There Is Such a Thing as a Company Culture That's So Nice It's Toxic, Psychologists Warn

A pair of top psychologists warn that some companies have swung so far toward niceness, it's actually become a different kind of toxic.

Company Culture JOEL COMM

3 Ways to Connect With Gen-Z Employees

To unlock the benefits of connecting with the next generation of employees, leaders must prioritize systematic change and authenticity.

Company Culture DAVID FINKEL

2 Types of People That Have The Biggest Impact On Your Company Culture

When these people on your team behave in a certain way, everyone pays attention.


Is Culture Still Eating Strategy For Breakfast?

A lesson from Peter Drucker.

Company Culture SARAH LYNCH

3 Cringey Phrases to Never Say to Employees

A new survey shows that employees want "genuine and honest" communication at work instead of vague, empathetic statements.

Company Culture TOMMY MELLO

I Got a Gift for All of My 500-Plus Employees. Here's What Happened

Some of them started crying and sales spiked.


A Thriving Company Culture Requires Truth in Leadership

If the leader's values and behavior are aligned with the desired company culture, business performance thrives.

Company Culture JASON ATEN

Why It's Time to Ditch Your Company's Mission Statement

In 'How to Grow Your Small Business,' Donald Miller says that the thing your company needs most is a clear mission.

Company Culture ZANE BURKE

Compassion: The Key to a Thriving Culture and Business

An empathic company attracts employees and results.


How to Avoid Micromanaging Your Team

You've recognized your micromanaging tendencies. The next step is to do something about it.


6 Mismatches in the Workplace Lead to Low Engagement and Resignations

Managing your relationship with your job to prevent burnout is not just a management responsibility.


It's Time To Get Off the Emotional Treadmill of Your Company

Do this for lasting happiness in your life and business.

Company Culture HEIDI ZAK

Companies Should Revise Their Core Values Every 2-3 Years. Here's Why (And How)

As your company evolves, so should its core values. Here are 4 steps to revising them.


1 Workplace Trend That Will Instantly Point to Someone With Great Leadership Skills

How great leaders build trust and inspire their people to succeed.


How Happy Are You Really? Finding Fulfillment in Your Work

How to take joy in leading your company.

Company Culture DAVID FINKEL

Your Staff Is Watching. Here's Something You Should Pay Attention To

This behavior will have a big impact not only on your team, but on your clients and customers as well.


5 Key Ways To Drastically Improve Your Workplace Culture

When you get the workplace culture right, everything else will fall into place.

Company Culture DR. BOB NELSON

Want to Improve Your Work Culture? Try Philotimo

Promote a sense of obligation to make things better in your company and your world.

Company Culture JUSTIN BARISO

This Message From Salesforce's CEO Is Only 108 Words, But It Teaches a Masterclass in How to Give Constructive Criticism

In a company-wide Slack message, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff provides a real-life example of how to give criticism in a way that's both constructive and emotionally intelligent.

Company Culture HOWARD TULLMAN

It's Clear That Transparency is a Phony Issue

Lots of companies are fussing over the idea, and promise transparency by the boatload –except when it really matters. For new businesses, transparency isn't always a virtue.

Company Culture BILL FOTSCH

To Engage Your Employees, Look Outside the Company

Recruiting, engaging, and retaining quality staff means turning to the customer.

Company Culture JIM SCHLECKSER

Do You Have an Execution or Empathy Culture? Your Answer Matters

Because being too empathetic won't pay the bills.

Company Culture HOWARD TULLMAN

Face It: You Are Going to Have to Manage Politics at Work

People are going to bring everything to work, including all the baggage that will come with the midterm elections, and beyond. You can't stop them. You can help them to be open minded.

Company Culture MANDY GILBERT

Workplace Culture and How It Affects Employee Retention

Understanding your own workplace culture can reveal opportunities to attract new talent and improve retention.

Company Culture RAJ JANA

How to Create a Mission Statement That Actually Gets Acknowledged

Your "why" matters more than ever in business.

Company Culture SEAN WISE

Bullying in the Workplace Is More Common Than You Might Think. Here's What to Do About It

Krav Maga can give you an unconventional, but effective, way to respond to workplace bullying.

Company Culture KATIE BURKE

5 Factors Shaping the Future of Work

Welcome to the new era of company culture.

Company Culture SCOTT MAUTZ

7 Questions Every Leader Should Be Able to Answer for the New Employee

This is a great test for how clear the 10,000-foot view is.


4 Steps to Build a Strong Company Culture During Mergers

As global M&A activity picks up, don't miss the opportunity to lead acquisitions successfully in a way that supports your company culture.

Company Culture MELISSA ANGELL

In a Stressful Time, Americans Are Placing More Trust in Small Businesses

Our faith in government institutions has hit new lows, and big business doesn't fare much better.

Company Culture KEN STERLING

How To Build A Company Culture to Withstand Downturns

Trust, communication, and employee development are keys to resilience.


5 Proven Ways to Create a Company Culture Worth Bragging About

Gone are the days of long commutes, longer hours, toxic environments, and bad bosses.

Company Culture SARAH RICE

Why Company Culture is More Than a Free Lunch

And why Google, among others, has a lot for which to answer.


Use the Therapist-Recommended 'Gray Rock Method' to Deal With Toxic People You Can't Escape

Stuck working with a toxic customer or collaborator? Therapists recommend this drama-minimizing approach.

Company Culture JASON ATEN

Tesla's 9-Word Rule Every Employee Has to Follow Is Simply Brilliant

Define the type of company you aspire to be.

Company Culture JEFF HADEN

It's Official: Research Confirms Happy Employees Are the Best Performers--But With One Twist

'Super happy' is great, but helping your unhappiest employees become just 'moderately' unhappy can make the biggest difference on performance.


7 Things You Can Do to Build a Fantastic Company Culture

Many business leaders struggle with creating and nurturing the team culture they need for success-- but you don't have to.

Company Culture STAFF REPORTER

Doing Organisational Culture The African Way

Western-centric individualism in corporate culture may have been the norm, but the collectivism of African ideals can offer new ways of doing business.

Company Culture SHAMA HYDER

Tech May Be Mostly White and Male. Thanks to DEI, That's About to Change

We have a real opportunity to have a powerful, positive impact with diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Company Culture JASON ATEN

1 Word Explains the Biggest Challenge Facing Microsoft's $68.7 Billion Acquisition of Activision Blizzard

Microsoft is taking on a major headache in order to strengthen its gaming business.


Eventbrite Founder Julia Hartz Has a Different Way To Think About Company Culture

As a living organism, your culture can't be stuck in time--and it doesn't always have to be happy.

Company Culture JOEL COMM

3 Ways to Create a Culture of Trust With Remote Workers

Without trust, your organization can't reach its highest levels of productivity. Yet trust can be hard to foster, especially with remote teams. Here's how to make remote working work for everyone.


6 Key Elements of a Culture Model to Get Greater Team Accountability

Personal accountability in business requires a culture driven by you as a trusted leader.

Company Culture MINDA ZETLIN

A Hertz Lawyer Just Said Six Words the Company Should Hope Its Customers Never Hear

Don't let anyone who represents you talk like this.

Company Culture SONIA THOMPSON

It's Time To Retire the Term 'Diversity Hire'

Any time you bring in more diverse talent, the goal and messaging should focus on how the new team members will help your organization be better.

Company Culture SHAMA HYDER

'Tis the Season to Give Back

For many businesses, CSR is not just a suggested best practice--it's necessary. Here are some ways companies can give back.


8 Ways to Invest in Employee Training and Boost Retention

Investing in employee training and development is a great retention tool to ensure continued growth within your company.

Company Culture JUSTIN BARISO

How the 'Rule of Acquired Taste' Can Help You Build Better Habits, a Better Business, and a Better Life

The rule is based on principles of psychology and emotional intelligence--and it can completely change your perspective.

Company Culture HEIDI ZAK

Your Words Create Your Company's Culture For Better or For Worse. Take Control With These Tips

Whether you have five employees or 5,000, your team is shaped by what you say and how you say it.

Company Culture BILL MURPHY JR.

Want to Make Better Big Decisons? Ask 'the Chick-fil-A Question' Every Time

I didn't start researching the Chick-fil-A franchise process expecting to find the Oracle of Delphi. But, here we are.


1 Forgotten Strategy That Will Keep Your Employees From Joining the Great Resignation

This may be the primary way to crush your employee turnover.


3 Questions Newly Hired Leaders Should Ask to Understand What Their Workplace Is Really Like

Ask these questions to quickly reveal your company culture as you enter your new role.


What Does It Take to Keep Your Team Happy? Research Found the Real Difference Between Success and Failure

The key is to focus on how teams work instead of where the work gets done.

Company Culture GEOFFREY JAMES

Positive Thinking Is Toxic Unless You Do This 1 Thing

A Pollyanna attitude is a great way to ruin a corporate culture..


How Companies Can Push Past Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Lip Service to Enact Meaningful Change

Get started with these five strategies.

Company Culture JOE SANOK

Why Thursday Is the New Friday

In his new book, productivity researcher and psychologist Joe Sanok shares how we invented time, why we need to slow down to optimize our brains, and how to fit five days of work into four.

Company Culture JEFF HADEN

This Red Flag Indicating a Lack of Empathy Is Actually a Sign of High Emotional Intelligence

Because empathy is a noun, not a verb.


Why Are People Really Quitting Their Jobs? Burnout Tops the List, New Research Shows

Three key findings point to why employees are leaving their companies.

Company Culture JEFF HADEN

What Driving an Expensive Car Says About Your Ability to Lead

How you treat others, especially when you're in a leadership position, is based on a different kind of driver.

Company Culture DAVID FINKEL

3 Ways to Make Sure Your Entire Team Is Working Toward the Same Goals

You may have great goals on paper, but don't fall short when it comes to getting everyone on the same page.

Company Culture JASON ATEN

With 7 Words, Amazon's CEO Just Laid Out the Best Plan for Returning to Work I've Seen Yet

Getting people back to the office shouldn't be based on some arbitrary number of days.

Company Culture JASON ATEN

Activision's CEO Apologized for the Company's Toxic Culture. What He Did Next Was Totally Unexpected

Back up your words with action.


4 Habits of the Happiest People Rarely Practiced by Most Workers

As we head into a new year, it may be time for a mental reboot, backed by science.