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The Best of Humans in the Machine Age

Making leadership matter.

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Learn to Create a Winning Elevator Pitch From Matthew McConaughey's Spirited 60-Second Sales Speech

Follow four steps to create a concise elevator pitch that hooks your audience.


3 Ways to Cultivate Authenticity as a Public Speaker

Audiences crave sincerity. Follow these tips to create an authentic presence.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

The 48-Second Hack to Calm Your Nerves Before a Presentation

A four-step method used by Navy SEALs and pro athletes to reduce anxiety and build confidence.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

6 Unusual Practice Drills for Confident Presentations

Like golf, improving presentation skills requires practice under pressure.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

Arnold Schwarzenegger Reveals 4 Communication Tactics to Flex Your Ideas

In his new book, Schwarzenegger tells founders to focus on promoting, communicating, and selling their ideas.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

Follow the Navy SEAL Rule of 3 to Make a Persuasive Pitch

Jocko Willink learned a fundamental rule of communication from serving as a Navy SEAL.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

Unlocking the Magic of Google's 12-Word Pitch That Fueled Its Success

Four elements of a winning pitch.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

Adopt Amazon's Simple Writing Hack to Capture Your Reader's Attention

Don't bury the bottom line. Put it on top.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

Enchant Your Audience With This Popular Talk-Show Trick

Copy this popular talk-show trick to become an engaging guest speaker.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

The Powerful Secret Behind JFK's Reading List

Three essential lessons from John F. Kennedy's voracious reading habit.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

Debunking 3 Common Public-Speaking Myths

Overcome the limiting beliefs that hold back your success.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

Read Just 1.5 Books a Month to Join an Elite Group of Achievers

Successful leaders, founders, and CEOs read more books than average.

Public Speaking HILLEL FULD

5 Public Speaking Tips to Get Your Point Across Effectively

Follow these steps to engage your audience and give them something to remember.

Public Speaking HOWARD TULLMAN

My Advice to Graduates: All Bets Are Off

Making graduation speeches used to be fairly conventional. But change is so rapid that the old rules no longer apply. Good luck, kids.

Public Speaking MINDA ZETLIN

Here's How to Read an Audience Like a Pro, According to 'Seinfeld' Star Jason Alexander

A wave of coughing could mean you're boring them.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

Use These 4 Words to Build Confidence Seconds Before Giving a Presentation

This phrase works for me – when I remember to say it.

Public Speaking MINDA ZETLIN

Using Either of These 2 Words Will Change How People Hear What You Say, Research Shows

Yourself included.

Public Speaking MINDA ZETLIN

3 Small Changes to What You Say Will Make You a Persuasive Speaker Says Wharton Word Expert

They could make you more likable, too.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

Jeff Bezos Uses 3 Brilliant Storytelling Tactics To Engage Audiences

A great founding story is irresistible.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

The Best Public Speaking Tool You're Always Carrying

Use a video camera to take your presentation skills to the next level.


6 Verb Swaps That Will Increase Your Impact

Make sure the words you say are the words you mean.


Build Your Credibility by Avoiding These Writing Errors

Proofreading problems, fuzzy thinking and rambling sentences undermine our readers' trust in our message.

Public Speaking ALISON GREEN

Should I Insist My Employees Get Comfortable With Public Speaking?

I worry they're limiting their careers if they won't do it.

Public Speaking MINDA ZETLIN

Want People to Remember What You Say? 3 Simple Steps That Make Every Speech Unforgettable

They'll make you a better speaker and they work for one-on-one conversations too.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

Follow Steve Jobs' 5-Step Presentation Process to Wow Your Audience

Jobs' rehearsal strategy can help you build confidence and captivate audiences.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

3 Tips for Delivering Podcasts and Webinars That People Really Want to Hear

Teach the audience something new.


Inclusive Communication Builds Both People and Profits

Simple ways to make your communication more inclusive.

Public Speaking MINDA ZETLIN

1 Change to How You Speak Makes What You Say 20 Percent More Memorable, Research Shows

Experiments prove that we "listen" with our eyes as well as our ears.

Public Speaking MINDA ZETLIN

Want People to Remember What You Say? It All Comes Down to This Simple Rule

If you don't do this, nothing else matters, says screen star and communication expert Alan Alda.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

Follow James Cameron's Storytelling Process to Build an Engaging PowerPoint Presentation

Storytelling requires research, structure and sketching.

Public Speaking KEN STERLING

Should Keynote Speakers Go it Alone?

Freelancers, speaker managers and speakers bureaus – how to decide which to use and how to use them.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

Great Public Speakers Are Made, Not Born

Public speaking is a skill you can sharpen with time and practice.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

Follow the 3-Second PowerPoint Rule for Persuasive Presentations

Use the billboard test to simplify presentation slides.


5 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Boost Public Speaking Skills

You've already done the hard work of building a successful company. Now take it to the next level by learning to speak publicly and inspire others.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

Jerry Seinfeld's Editing Tip Will Make Your Presentations Shorter and More Concise

Editing is an act of selection, not compression.

Public Speaking MINDA ZETLIN

Elon Musk Says 'Um' 20 Times in a 5-Minute Speech. Here's How He Could Fix It – and So Can You

A new startup named Yoodli built a free website that will analyze your speech and help you improve.


Improve Communication by Avoiding 'Badjectives'

Be specific and concise with your language to avoid miscommunication.


3 Exercises to Nail Your Point

Use these techniques to concisely communicate the big goal and how to get there.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

Indra Nooyi Learned 4 Communication Skills That Fueled Her Rise to CEO

And you can use them to your advantage, too.

Public Speaking PETER ECONOMY

4 Surprising Things These Super Inspirational Speakers Have in Common

Listening to an inspirational speaker can be a wildly profound experience. Why not be that inspiring speaker? Here's how.


12 Smart Phrases You Should Use in an Interview Process to Help Land Your Next Job

When you make it to an actual interview, don't blow it by what you say (or don't say). Try these instead.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

Build Your Public-Speaking Confidence with This Proven Practice Schedule

Rehearse your presentation ten times before the big day.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

5 Lessons in Mental Toughness From Serena Williams

Prepare for any performance by practicing like a champion.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

Make PowerPoint Come Alive With This Simple Presentation Hack

Humans are hardwired to engage with faces.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

The 'Father of the iPod' Reveals One Critical Lesson From His Mentor, Steve Jobs

Three essential elements of all good stories.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

Apple Execs Use a Simple Presentation Hack to Amplify Key Messages

Your audience must hear, see and read the main idea.


The Right and Wrong Way for Leaders to Start a Speech

Great oration delivers "what they need to hear," not "what I want to say." Learn the difference to make a difference.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

3 Brilliant Presentation Hacks Steve Jobs Used to Launch the iPod

Package ideas to give your audience something to remember.


5 Ways to Make Your Story Matter When Public Speaking

Storytelling is a great way to engage an audience-- but make sure your stories are relevant, not just riveting.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

Impress Your Audience by Speaking Their Company's Language

Five communication tips to connect with listeners in any organization.

Public Speaking MINDA ZETLIN

Enjoy Public Speaking? Here's How to Make It Pay

Some entrepreneurs make $300,000 a year from speaking gigs.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

3 Ways to Manage Stage Fright Before It Derails Your Career

Science can help you perform your best when the pressure is on.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

4 Basic Elements of Great Storytelling

Knowing how to craft an origin story is a fundamental skill for entrepreneurs.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

The Only Question That Really Matters to Your Audience

Nobody cares about your idea. They care about how your idea improves their lives.

Public Speaking KEN STERLING

Pent-up Demand Could Make 2022 a Big Year for the Events Industry

Fasten your seatbelts. 2022 will be the busiest year for in-person events--ever.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

The Right Way to Build Confidence for Career-Making Presentations

3 ways to practice for the big day.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

3 Steps to Calm Your Nerves Two Minutes Before a Big Presentation

Build your confidence when you need it most.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

3 Simple Ways to Take Your Public-Speaking Skills to the Next Level

This is the golden age of public speaking.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

A Steve Jobs Presentation Hack to Mesmerize Your Audience

5 ways to give people a moment to remember.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

Tiger Woods Gave His Son This Mental Tip You Should Use to Raise Your Public Speaking Game

Stay 100 percent committed to the present.

Public Speaking JUSTIN BARISO

Emotionally Intelligent People Know How to Set Boundaries. Here's How They Do It

Want to manage your time more effectively, avoid burnout, and save your mental health? Start setting boundaries.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

Avoid These 5 Filler Words to Sound More Charming and Confident

These are the public-speaking habits that listeners find appealing.

Public Speaking JEFF HADEN

Why Emotionally Intelligent People Embrace the Rule of the Awkward Conversation, Backed by Science

The next time you meet someone new, ditch the small talk. Science says they--and you--will be glad you did.

Public Speaking BRYAN ELLIOTT

Behind the Brand: Mel Robbins on the High Five Habit Club

A simple change in how you look at yourself in the mirror can make all the difference

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

How Google and Apple Craft Winning Messages to Sell New Products

A simple two-word test to excite your customers.