Public Speaking VISHAL SUNAK

How to Speak to 10,000 People

Four tips to make your public speaking experience better.

Public Speaking HOWARD TULLMAN

My Advice to Graduates: All Bets Are Off

Making graduation speeches used to be fairly conventional. But change is so rapid that the old rules no longer apply. Good luck, kids.

Public Speaking ALISA COHN

3 Strategies For Leaders to Become Better Public Speakers

Entrepreneurs need to get over their fear of public speaking. Here's how.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

Use These 4 Words to Build Confidence Seconds Before Giving a Presentation

This phrase works for me – when I remember to say it.


The Biggest – But Least Realized – Mistake People Make on PowerPoint Slides

Don't squander the most valuable real state on your slide.

Public Speaking MINDA ZETLIN

3 Small Changes to What You Say Will Make You a Persuasive Speaker Says Wharton Word Expert

They could make you more likable, too.

Public Speaking ROBIN CAMAROTE

How to Manage Anxiety and Boost Your Confidence in the 5 minutes Before Your Talk

Pre-presentation jitters? Try these expert tips to calm your nerves.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

The Best Public Speaking Tool You're Always Carrying

Use a video camera to take your presentation skills to the next level.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

1 Element That Turns a Good Story Into a Great Story

Triumph over adversity makes for great movies, novels and business presentations.


Build Your Credibility by Avoiding These Writing Errors

Proofreading problems, fuzzy thinking and rambling sentences undermine our readers' trust in our message.

Public Speaking MAYA HU-CHAN

Four Communication Habits that Undermine Your Message

I've observed four patterns that consistently undermine effective communication. Here's how to fix them.

Public Speaking MINDA ZETLIN

Want People to Remember What You Say? 3 Simple Steps That Make Every Speech Unforgettable

They'll make you a better speaker and they work for one-on-one conversations too.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

3 Scientific Reasons Your Brain Fears Public Speaking And How to Fix It

Retrain your brain to perform its best when the pressure is on.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

3 Tips for Delivering Podcasts and Webinars That People Really Want to Hear

Teach the audience something new.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

Warren Buffett's Remarkably Easy Writing Hack to Simplify Complex Ideas

Three questions to ask before you write a word.

Public Speaking MINDA ZETLIN

1 Change to How You Speak Makes What You Say 20 Percent More Memorable, Research Shows

Experiments prove that we "listen" with our eyes as well as our ears.

Public Speaking MAYA HU-CHAN

3 Steps to Becoming a Clear Speaker

Even the most accomplished leaders can struggle with clear communication. These strategies can help.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

Follow James Cameron's Storytelling Process to Build an Engaging PowerPoint Presentation

Storytelling requires research, structure and sketching.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

Jeff Bezos Used a Brilliant and Ancient Communication Tool to Fuel Amazon's Success

Metaphors are mental shortcuts to explain complex ideas.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

Great Public Speakers Are Made, Not Born

Public speaking is a skill you can sharpen with time and practice.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

Ukrainian President Zelensky's Brilliant Public-Speaking Tactic That Inspires His Audiences

Relate to your audience by citing people, places, and events they know.


5 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Boost Public Speaking Skills

You've already done the hard work of building a successful company. Now take it to the next level by learning to speak publicly and inspire others.


10 Unconventional Rules for Captivating Public Speaking From a Jazz Expert and Best-Selling Author

Who should you look to for public speaking advice? Author Ted Gioia suggests thinking more like a jazz musician.

Public Speaking MINDA ZETLIN

Elon Musk Says 'Um' 20 Times in a 5-Minute Speech. Here's How He Could Fix It – and So Can You

A new startup named Yoodli built a free website that will analyze your speech and help you improve.

Public Speaking MINDA ZETLIN

Here's the Public Speaking Mistake Almost Everyone Makes and What to Do Instead

Next time you give a talk, try watching a few minutes with the sound off.


3 Exercises to Nail Your Point

Use these techniques to concisely communicate the big goal and how to get there.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

James Patterson Can Help You Give a More Engaging Presentation

Take a page out of this best-selling author's book as he shares tips on how to grab your audience's attention.

Public Speaking PETER ECONOMY

4 Surprising Things These Super Inspirational Speakers Have in Common

Listening to an inspirational speaker can be a wildly profound experience. Why not be that inspiring speaker? Here's how.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

A Simple PowerPoint Rule to Wow Your Audience

Follow the "10-40 Rule" to create slides with less text and more pictures.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

Build Your Public-Speaking Confidence with This Proven Practice Schedule

Rehearse your presentation ten times before the big day.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

Shatter These 4 Public-Speaking Myths To Sharpen Your Skills

Buying into these beliefs might hold back your progress.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

Make PowerPoint Come Alive With This Simple Presentation Hack

Humans are hardwired to engage with faces.


Avoid Rambling – Put Your Mind Ahead of Your Mouth

Pause and give your brain the opportunity to create a script for your mouth to express precisely.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

Apple Execs Use a Simple Presentation Hack to Amplify Key Messages

Your audience must hear, see and read the main idea.

Public Speaking SHAMA HYDER

Here Are the Speakers I've Been Following in 2022

The best way to improve your public speaking--and be inspired to look at your business from a new perspective--is to attend or listen to talks from other public speakers.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

3 Brilliant Presentation Hacks Steve Jobs Used to Launch the iPod

Package ideas to give your audience something to remember.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

Warren Buffett Just Revealed the Best Investment You Can Ever Make

Public-speaking skills will set you apart.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

Impress Your Audience by Speaking Their Company's Language

Five communication tips to connect with listeners in any organization.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

Learn Data Storytelling by Putting A Face To Inflation Numbers

The single best way to communicate data is to personalize it.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

3 Ways to Manage Stage Fright Before It Derails Your Career

Science can help you perform your best when the pressure is on.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

Ask This 5-Word Question to Improve Your Public Speaking Skills

People won't tell you what you're doing wrong until you ask them.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

The Only Question That Really Matters to Your Audience

Nobody cares about your idea. They care about how your idea improves their lives.


How to Tell a Good Story with Data

Data plus a narrative makes for a better presentation.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

The Right Way to Build Confidence for Career-Making Presentations

3 ways to practice for the big day.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

A 2-Step Process for Building Unshakable Self-Confidence

Winning at anything starts in the mind, according to a West Point psychology professor.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

3 Simple Ways to Take Your Public-Speaking Skills to the Next Level

This is the golden age of public speaking.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

4 Easy Fixes for Common Public Speaking Faults

Try these basic building blocks for effective and successful public speaking.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

Tiger Woods Gave His Son This Mental Tip You Should Use to Raise Your Public Speaking Game

Stay 100 percent committed to the present.

Public Speaking MAYA HU-CHAN

6 Winning Public Speaking Tips For Non-Native English Speakers

Public speaking can be nerve-wracking for everyone, but often more so for non-native English speakers. These strategies can help boost your confidence and success.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

Avoid These 5 Filler Words to Sound More Charming and Confident

These are the public-speaking habits that listeners find appealing.

Public Speaking JUSTIN BARISO

A Respected MIT Professor Had a Simple 5-Word Rule for His Classroom, and Every Company Should Follow It

Patrick Winston knew how to speak. But his even greater skill was getting others to listen.

Public Speaking BRYAN ELLIOTT

Behind the Brand: Mel Robbins on the High Five Habit Club

A simple change in how you look at yourself in the mirror can make all the difference

Public Speaking SUZANNE LUCAS

I Gave a Keynote in Virtual Reality. Here's What I Learned

Live, onstage is the best, but this is better than a regular video conference. For sure.


3 Ways to Hack Your Brain to Conquer Your Nerves, According to a Stanford Neuroscientist

Rock your next speech by using simple physical actions to dial down your stress response.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

How to Pitch Your Ideas in 10 Minutes or Less

Use these three strategies to quickly grab your audience's attention.

Public Speaking MINDA ZETLIN

4 Foolproof Ways to Keep Your Zoom Audience Enthralled

Your virtual audience probably has Zoom fatigue. Here's how to keep them alert.