Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

The 48-Second Hack to Calm Your Nerves Before a Presentation

A four-step method used by Navy SEALs and pro athletes to reduce anxiety and build confidence.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

Netflix's Sylvester Stallone Documentary Will Inspire You to Write Like a Champ

Four lessons to sharpen your writing and presentation skills.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

Arnold Schwarzenegger Reveals 4 Communication Tactics to Flex Your Ideas

In his new book, Schwarzenegger tells founders to focus on promoting, communicating, and selling their ideas.

Public Speaking MONICA AMADIO

4 Ways Expert Communicators Like Warren Buffett Capture an Audience's Attention

Storytelling is crucial to your presentations. Here's how to get people to listen.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

Unlocking the Magic of Google's 12-Word Pitch That Fueled Its Success

Four elements of a winning pitch.


Use This Comedian's Brilliant Lion Trick to Kill Stage Fright and Create Instant Charisma

Does your audience see you as predator or prey? The answer comes down to small body language cues anyone can learn.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

Enchant Your Audience With This Popular Talk-Show Trick

Copy this popular talk-show trick to become an engaging guest speaker.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

Build a Winning Mindset to Unlock Your Public Speaking Potential

Three mental habits that define the growth mindset.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

Debunking 3 Common Public-Speaking Myths

Overcome the limiting beliefs that hold back your success.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

Google's CEO Follows a Simple Public-Speaking Rule to Deliver Clear and Concise Messages

Keep your audience's attention with the rule of three.

Public Speaking HILLEL FULD

5 Public Speaking Tips to Get Your Point Across Effectively

Follow these steps to engage your audience and give them something to remember.

Public Speaking VISHAL SUNAK

How to Speak to 10,000 People

Four tips to make your public speaking experience better.

Public Speaking MINDA ZETLIN

Here's How to Read an Audience Like a Pro, According to 'Seinfeld' Star Jason Alexander

A wave of coughing could mean you're boring them.

Public Speaking ALISA COHN

3 Strategies For Leaders to Become Better Public Speakers

Entrepreneurs need to get over their fear of public speaking. Here's how.

Public Speaking MINDA ZETLIN

Using Either of These 2 Words Will Change How People Hear What You Say, Research Shows

Yourself included.


The Biggest – But Least Realized – Mistake People Make on PowerPoint Slides

Don't squander the most valuable real state on your slide.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

Jeff Bezos Uses 3 Brilliant Storytelling Tactics To Engage Audiences

A great founding story is irresistible.

Public Speaking ROBIN CAMAROTE

How to Manage Anxiety and Boost Your Confidence in the 5 minutes Before Your Talk

Pre-presentation jitters? Try these expert tips to calm your nerves.


6 Verb Swaps That Will Increase Your Impact

Make sure the words you say are the words you mean.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

1 Element That Turns a Good Story Into a Great Story

Triumph over adversity makes for great movies, novels and business presentations.

Public Speaking ALISON GREEN

Should I Insist My Employees Get Comfortable With Public Speaking?

I worry they're limiting their careers if they won't do it.

Public Speaking MAYA HU-CHAN

Four Communication Habits that Undermine Your Message

I've observed four patterns that consistently undermine effective communication. Here's how to fix them.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

Follow Steve Jobs' 5-Step Presentation Process to Wow Your Audience

Jobs' rehearsal strategy can help you build confidence and captivate audiences.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

3 Scientific Reasons Your Brain Fears Public Speaking And How to Fix It

Retrain your brain to perform its best when the pressure is on.


Inclusive Communication Builds Both People and Profits

Simple ways to make your communication more inclusive.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

Warren Buffett's Remarkably Easy Writing Hack to Simplify Complex Ideas

Three questions to ask before you write a word.

Public Speaking MINDA ZETLIN

Want People to Remember What You Say? It All Comes Down to This Simple Rule

If you don't do this, nothing else matters, says screen star and communication expert Alan Alda.

Public Speaking MAYA HU-CHAN

3 Steps to Becoming a Clear Speaker

Even the most accomplished leaders can struggle with clear communication. These strategies can help.

Public Speaking KEN STERLING

Should Keynote Speakers Go it Alone?

Freelancers, speaker managers and speakers bureaus – how to decide which to use and how to use them.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

Jeff Bezos Used a Brilliant and Ancient Communication Tool to Fuel Amazon's Success

Metaphors are mental shortcuts to explain complex ideas.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

Follow the 3-Second PowerPoint Rule for Persuasive Presentations

Use the billboard test to simplify presentation slides.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

Ukrainian President Zelensky's Brilliant Public-Speaking Tactic That Inspires His Audiences

Relate to your audience by citing people, places, and events they know.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

Jerry Seinfeld's Editing Tip Will Make Your Presentations Shorter and More Concise

Editing is an act of selection, not compression.


10 Unconventional Rules for Captivating Public Speaking From a Jazz Expert and Best-Selling Author

Who should you look to for public speaking advice? Author Ted Gioia suggests thinking more like a jazz musician.


Improve Communication by Avoiding 'Badjectives'

Be specific and concise with your language to avoid miscommunication.

Public Speaking MINDA ZETLIN

Here's the Public Speaking Mistake Almost Everyone Makes and What to Do Instead

Next time you give a talk, try watching a few minutes with the sound off.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

Indra Nooyi Learned 4 Communication Skills That Fueled Her Rise to CEO

And you can use them to your advantage, too.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

James Patterson Can Help You Give a More Engaging Presentation

Take a page out of this best-selling author's book as he shares tips on how to grab your audience's attention.


12 Smart Phrases You Should Use in an Interview Process to Help Land Your Next Job

When you make it to an actual interview, don't blow it by what you say (or don't say). Try these instead.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

A Simple PowerPoint Rule to Wow Your Audience

Follow the "10-40 Rule" to create slides with less text and more pictures.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

5 Lessons in Mental Toughness From Serena Williams

Prepare for any performance by practicing like a champion.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

Shatter These 4 Public-Speaking Myths To Sharpen Your Skills

Buying into these beliefs might hold back your progress.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

The 'Father of the iPod' Reveals One Critical Lesson From His Mentor, Steve Jobs

Three essential elements of all good stories.


Avoid Rambling – Put Your Mind Ahead of Your Mouth

Pause and give your brain the opportunity to create a script for your mouth to express precisely.


The Right and Wrong Way for Leaders to Start a Speech

Great oration delivers "what they need to hear," not "what I want to say." Learn the difference to make a difference.

Public Speaking SHAMA HYDER

Here Are the Speakers I've Been Following in 2022

The best way to improve your public speaking--and be inspired to look at your business from a new perspective--is to attend or listen to talks from other public speakers.


5 Ways to Make Your Story Matter When Public Speaking

Storytelling is a great way to engage an audience-- but make sure your stories are relevant, not just riveting.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

Warren Buffett Just Revealed the Best Investment You Can Ever Make

Public-speaking skills will set you apart.

Public Speaking MINDA ZETLIN

Enjoy Public Speaking? Here's How to Make It Pay

Some entrepreneurs make $300,000 a year from speaking gigs.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

Learn Data Storytelling by Putting A Face To Inflation Numbers

The single best way to communicate data is to personalize it.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

4 Basic Elements of Great Storytelling

Knowing how to craft an origin story is a fundamental skill for entrepreneurs.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

Ask This 5-Word Question to Improve Your Public Speaking Skills

People won't tell you what you're doing wrong until you ask them.

Public Speaking KEN STERLING

Pent-up Demand Could Make 2022 a Big Year for the Events Industry

Fasten your seatbelts. 2022 will be the busiest year for in-person events--ever.


How to Tell a Good Story with Data

Data plus a narrative makes for a better presentation.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

3 Steps to Calm Your Nerves Two Minutes Before a Big Presentation

Build your confidence when you need it most.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

A 2-Step Process for Building Unshakable Self-Confidence

Winning at anything starts in the mind, according to a West Point psychology professor.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

A Steve Jobs Presentation Hack to Mesmerize Your Audience

5 ways to give people a moment to remember.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

4 Easy Fixes for Common Public Speaking Faults

Try these basic building blocks for effective and successful public speaking.

Public Speaking JUSTIN BARISO

Emotionally Intelligent People Know How to Set Boundaries. Here's How They Do It

Want to manage your time more effectively, avoid burnout, and save your mental health? Start setting boundaries.

Public Speaking MAYA HU-CHAN

6 Winning Public Speaking Tips For Non-Native English Speakers

Public speaking can be nerve-wracking for everyone, but often more so for non-native English speakers. These strategies can help boost your confidence and success.

Public Speaking JEFF HADEN

Why Emotionally Intelligent People Embrace the Rule of the Awkward Conversation, Backed by Science

The next time you meet someone new, ditch the small talk. Science says they--and you--will be glad you did.

Public Speaking JUSTIN BARISO

A Respected MIT Professor Had a Simple 5-Word Rule for His Classroom, and Every Company Should Follow It

Patrick Winston knew how to speak. But his even greater skill was getting others to listen.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

How Google and Apple Craft Winning Messages to Sell New Products

A simple two-word test to excite your customers.

Public Speaking SUZANNE LUCAS

I Gave a Keynote in Virtual Reality. Here's What I Learned

Live, onstage is the best, but this is better than a regular video conference. For sure.

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

Phil Mickelson's Practice Habits Drive His Success

Calm your nerves when the pressure is on

Public Speaking CARMINE GALLO

How to Pitch Your Ideas in 10 Minutes or Less

Use these three strategies to quickly grab your audience's attention.